#December Reflections 2016 – Traditions

24. Traditions #decemberreflections2016

My crooked cake.

I love to bake on Christmas. Usually I get to do a lot of desserts for family dinner, and especially a traditional fried kind of cake, passed on from my grandma. Last year I was heavily pregnant, and almost forbidden to move, and still I made the cake… This year I didn’t made it. There were no space for tradition with a sick baby.

This one was bought but it’s a perfect read more

#December Reflections 2016 – This year was…

22. This year was… #december reflections2016

This year was… darkness, light… and flying sparks.

My heart is full… but so is my head.

It was the best year. It was the worst year. It has been a year of profound transformations. Being a mother for the first time, a significant other, a writer, a full-time worker, a daughter, a friend… it is overwhelming sometimes. Being sick was the cherry on top of my very big cake. Yes, it is read more