Each and every one of us is Awesome. If you doubt it, you can start by thinking in all those things that you thought you couldn’t do. In those moments when you thought you wouldn’t be able to go through the day. Those nights of pain induced restlessness. Those situations that were pure living and breathing hell.

And after that? Do think on the day after. After you fall and started to pick yourself up. After being in so much pain that healing is the only way to go. When overwhelmed by something that you became open to new realities. After being swamped in the mud hole and climbed back up.

In those moments, we are Awesome. It’s when everything is failing around us, that the strength to go on appears, and in those moments we are Awesome.


My Awesome act for today: write a few more words in one of my short stories. And hopefully see it to the end. (Nothing to do with pain and suffering, just willpower)

What about you? What was your Awesomeness Act for today?

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