Reading Romances Challenge: April Completed

This is the monthly status of the Reading Romances Challenge 2012. April didn’t go so well, I was wrapped up in other readings so I wasn’t able to pursue books in the majority of these themes.

I also wasn’t able to abandon the Nalini Sigh’s Psy-Changeling Series until I read all the books available. It was a fun journey and I’ll be eagerly waiting for the 11th book of this series.

So here’s April wrap-up:

TOPICS: Alternate Realities Month

1) Read a contemporary book where something is different in the world than what reality reflects. (vampires, magic etc): “Immortal City” by Scott Speer

2) Read a book set in the future or a historical with an alternative reality (i.e. steampunk): “Slave to Sensation” by Nalini Singh (see my review here).


3) Read one book that was nominated for the RITA or Golden Heart award!


4) Read an LGBT book, a book with at least 3 of the 7 colours of a rainbow (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) on it’s cover, or a book with a title that includes the word: dream/s, wish/es, or rainbow.

5) Read a book with an accountant/book-keeper character, or due to a shortage of funds, read a free or borrowed (library, friend etc) book.


Please join us in


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