Reading Romances Challenge: April Completed

This is the monthly status of the Reading Romances Challenge 2012. April didn’t go so well, I was wrapped up in other readings so I wasn’t able to pursue books in the majority of these themes.

I also wasn’t able to abandon the Nalini Sigh’s Psy-Changeling Series until I read all the books available. It was a fun journey and I’ll be eagerly waiting for the 11th book of this series. read more

Review/Opinião: Slave to Sensation by Nalini Sigh

My first book choice for Reading Romances Challenge was Psy-Changelings Series ‘Slave to Sensation’ by Nalini Sigh.

Since its Alternate Realities month I decided to give a shot at the Psy-Changelings Series, and I’m very glad I did. I really love the constant twists and turns of this new kind of society, one that tries to accommodate three types of races: human’s, psy and changelings. read more