Books: What do you look for in a review?

I usually devour book reviews. No book enters this house without a firm endorsement and definitely not without at least one awful review.

I read them, try to write them, post them and revel in those little pearls that use image as well as text (Goodreads is full of these precious gems that can choke us with laughter).

But I must admit that, as much as I love reading other people book reviews, I find myself in a though spot when I try to write them. It’s easier to write reviews about books I really loved or that I thought would benefit my blog readers so I usually stick with these and stay away for the medium/not so medium (aka awful) reviews.

I won’t read a book without seeing the best and the worst review written. I usually look for the reader’s true opinion while trying to avoid misconception and judgmental point of views (sometimes this is a very hard thing to do). For me the most important thing in a review is the Story which includes theme, characters and an interesting plot.

Breezing through several reviews usually give me a perspective about the good and the quirks of a story. Both are often captured by several readers and it’s the repetition that provides the veracity of the claims. I also try not to pay so much attention to people’s vehement thoughts because they can hide personal choices and beliefs disguised as impartial critics. If it’s a theme that enraptures me, I often find that It’s better to read a few pages and see for myself if it’s a book worth reading or not.

What I look for, and usually find, in a review it’s the in between of the highly praises and the trashing comments. Squeezing them both I usually find reality right in the middle.

Also a thing to consider is the credibility of the sources. In some cases we can go with the flow and believe in acknowledged critics, but in other’s it’s better to listen to the readers instead of the critics.

I guess we are all looking for something when we pick up a new book. Fun, company, learning or whatever it is, we are free to make the choice that sounds right, without others endorsement or reproof. And I do believe that this choice is my responsibility after all the benefits will be all mine.

And what about you? What do you look for in a review?


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  1. When writing reviews I tend to analyze the books and some… well some books need work and an editor behind it. The problem is people usually find my pieces of advice not so friendly and they think I tend to throw everything into the trash category. I have read some amazing books, books that needed a second reading and awful ones, which made me wonder what the hell was the editor doing while reading the book. I never let my personal views in a review. Why do people need to know if I enjoy it, if the characters are dimensionless? I don’t want personal opinions, those change from person to person, but I want to read unbiased and clear/analysed book reviews.

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