Suggestion: ‘International Speculative Fiction’ – Nº2

isf-2Have you downloaded ISF N.º2? You can find it here… Meanwhile I’ll leave you my short review of the three tales in this issue.

About ISF Nº2

ISF keeps presenting us with engaging stories, great cover art, meaningful themes and clever world-building. This issue draws the reader attention and keeps us pinned to its pages. Hope you like it as much as I did.

‘Siren Songs in Deep Time’ by Nassau Hedron

It starts with a very good prompt, intriguing, with exciting ideas and well written. I do love an introduction, even though most people consider it the wrong approach on a short story. It progresses nicely into the characters, their whereabouts and livings, making it interesting and challenging enough with a few historical landmarks to keep it real.

But then it evolves to an ending that to me doesn’t give real closure and just leaves us readers buried in intentions and presumptions. Truth be told, I didn’t see that finale coming but I didn’t felt it as a big revelation. I believe that it lacked the powerful punch of surpassed expectations and maybe it has to do with the continuity of life, but as a short-story it feels like it’s missing something.

‘Aphrodisia’ by Lavie Tidhar

A tale about love in a strange Universe, about moving on or stay connected in a visceral way, no pun intended. Short and sweet this is a story that draws a parallel between love and addiction. Throw in some strange otherworldly characters and our earthly knack for breaking the laws and we have a great tale designed to keep our minds engaged.

‘Single-Bit Error’ by Ken Liu

There aren’t a lot of things worse than losing someone you love, especially if faith isn’t part of the one left behind. This is a story about growing up, about moving on and searching for own beliefs. But above all, it’s a story about hope when there are no answers for the most basic questions, even if we are able to come up with some inventive solutions.

I really loved this one. ‘Single-Bit Error’ is a meaningful tale about life itself and the reasoning that keep us living one more day and choosing to find purpose in life.

In this ISF issue you can also find Rachel Haywood Ferreira interviewed by Cristian Tamas.

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