Suggestion: ‘International Speculative Fiction’ E-Zine

For all the curious minds out there: Have you read the first issue of ISF? I’ll leave you with my opinion about this new online magazine. Hope you enjoy it!


Notwithstanding the short story’s reviews posted earlier, I wanted to leave my opinion to the ISF e-zine as a whole.

My first take on this is that it’s based on concept quite new and it’s a good idea to divulge non-Anglophone authors and their writings. English is the language of the modern world after all and it does make sense that most writers end up experimenting in its realms.

ISF (e-zine and blog) is a product of this growing need that almost all writers feel when contemplating exposure in an international market, and it’s a commendable effort made by the team involved.

As for the design, I really liked the front cover and most of the presented art work. There is just one thing that I feel should be mentioned, because it pulled my attention from the articles, the mixed themes thing. Maybe a more uniform look throughout the entire length would be a good option. Nonetheless I loved most of the designs, specially the one of the first few pages.

ISF presents three short-stories, one article and an interview, and all of them prove the dedication of ISF team to this project. Proposing to tackle Speculative Fiction on all its facets, ISF brings us diversity in its themes and authors and a priceless contribution to the contemporary fiction scenery.

I hope it achieves and surpasses all the expected results.

I’ll be keeping tabs on it and I know all the speculative fiction lovers will do the same.


You can find my reviews here:

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