#December Reflections 2016 – Best decision of 2016

15. Best decision of 2016


Don’t panic. Easy to say, very hard to do. But I’ve been managing it on my own pace… like always.

Don’t panic. Enjoy the moment. Be happy. These have been my best decisions in 2016.

Those and a few middle fingers cordially (and discretely) distributed. Oh wait, those aren’t decisions made. They are consequences. Tit for tat.

In the midst of a full year, a very real emotional roller-coaster, I’ve been deciding, coercing, and sometimes imposing myself not to panic, to enjoy what I’ve been given, to look beyond myself and my dark humors and to pursue happiness and acceptance with all my heart.

It is never a done deal. We don’t get to choose something and then see it fulfilled like magic. We decide and we have to work for it. And fail… and work some more.

So ‘Don’t Panic’ is the best choice I’ve made so far. Even if I lose it sometimes… Hormones and stuff. That and the middle fingers on occasion.


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