#December Reflections 2016 – Fave Photo of 2016

03. Fave Photo of 2016 #decemberreflections2016


We were up to no good…

Here’s to silly endeavours and happy moments. Here’s to us, here’s to love…

From all of my favorite’s photos from 2016 this one is special. She was a bit cranky. I was a bit flustered. We were both doing what we could to be patient with each other. But we managed this pretty special shot. My baby. My curious one. My love.

It was very difficult to chose just one photo. They’re all special and important. Even the unfocused and ugly represents some special part of me.

I’m no photographer. I’m a writer who loves to capture moments so I can reminisce later. I usually remember everything that an important photo made me feel. I can connect with what I was thinking and feeling at that moment. So there usually are a bunch of powerful emotions behind a shot. I guess I’m no different from everybody else…

You can find more about December Reflections 2016 here.


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