#December Reflections 2016 – Circles

04. Circles #decemberreflections2016

We move in circles. And sometimes it’s in daylight that nightly things become brightest. It takes light to chase away the dark. It takes a burning ring of fire to push an ice circle away.

Enclosed in our not so pretty square boxes we don’t get to see much. Especially if we’re not really looking beyond ourselves or out the window.

But from time to time our eyes are open and our mind is awake and we catch something like this. Behind me the scorching sun. Before me the freezing moon. And I’m in the middle. My camera and I.

They move in circles. They determine our movements. Sun and moon. A never ending litany that keeps playing for us to dance to. But you get to see what’s coming and you get to choose the dance steps… you just don’t get to choose the tune.

You can find more about December Reflections 2016 here.


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