#December Reflections 2016 – Best Book of 2016

05. Best Book of 2016 #decemberreflections2016

I keep returning to the books about the craft. I keep reading the in search for something that will make a difference in my own writings, fiction or non-fiction. Still I keep stumbling on the same road block. Me.

This one still is one of the most inspirational readings about the craft. And assuming I would have a very full 2016, it was the first reading of the shortest list that I proposed myself to read during the current year.

It was the first of my proposed 30 books for 2016. It represented the boost I wanted and needed to pursue my writing endeavors.

As I contemplate December I notice that the feeling that led me to reread this book is the same that got me to participate in #decemberreflections2016. I need some new strengths to endure all the massive sacrifices that I need to do in order to write.

I’m tired, spent and sad, looking for new ways to regain my optimism and will to carry on these writing projects that had been accumulating in my head… but I lack the strength. So this is my way to find a plan for 2017.

Not so long ago I thought I was really doing some efforts. I was writing fiction, I was being accountable, I was submitting my fictional works, and I was maintaining two blogs, and working a full time job… and well as experiencing other consuming stuff.

Now I got to take one step higher on this latter. I traded some projects for others. I started things. A lot of writing things. But can’t seem to be able to finish them.

I’m here. I’m trying. I keep trying. Sometimes I wish I was a quitter. It would facilitate some things a lot. But I’m not. I’m a hoarder of responsibilities that compulsively can’t say no to more work… and still, can’t seem to get anywhere. I lack the please others thing. I keep doing my thing… and keep getting nowhere.

So #decemberreflections it is. And hope to be planning for the year ahead… and actually get things done.



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