#December Reflections 2016 – Traditions

24. Traditions #decemberreflections2016

My crooked cake.

I love to bake on Christmas. Usually I get to do a lot of desserts for family dinner, and especially a traditional fried kind of cake, passed on from my grandma. Last year I was heavily pregnant, and almost forbidden to move, and still I made the cake… This year I didn’t made it. There were no space for tradition with a sick baby.

This one was bought but it’s a perfect read more

#December Reflections 2016 – Solstice Sunset

21. Solstice Sunset

This wasn’t taken at 10h44 am but 3 hours later. So no sunset for me.

The sun was too far from the ground.

Even though it’s one of the shortest days of the year (only 9 hours, 27 minutes and 4 seconds) it seems a very long one…


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#December Reflections 2016 – Snuggle

20 Snuggle #decemberreflections2016

Snuggle your heart. It is the most important part of yourself.

If broken mend with gold…

… and carry on.


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#December Reflections 2016 – Soundtrack of 2016

13. Soundtrack of 2016 #decemberreflections2016

Soundtrack of 2016… I’m a music lover, as I’ve said before. So there’s always some music to accompany me.

But I don’t do specifics. Not anymore. Too crappie memories. So this is a generic picture. A symbol of different styles in a very well-known music portal.

I’ve always loved to take the time to appreciate different kinds of music. Different event opposite styles. If read more

#December Reflections 2016 – Precious

12. Precious #decemberreflections2016

My daughter. My family. My love. My life. My health. My both legs… if possible, both in working conditions.

Life is precious. I already knew that. It was a hard learned lesson from a few years ago. Now is not just my life that is precious. Being able to be with my daughter and enjoy her is precious. There are some inexplicable and heart wrenching moments in one’s life. There are a mix of these read more

#December Reflections 2016 – Biggest lesson from 2016

11. Biggest lesson from 2016 #decemberreflections2016

2016 isn’t over yet but I dare to say that my biggest lesson from 2016 is: having and taking care of a baby is life changing, complicated and hard.

From the bouncing hormones to the post-partum complications, from the sleepless nights to the impaired decision making capacity, from the almost constant tiredness to never getting everything done… it’s been a hell of a year and a lot read more

#December Reflections 2016 – I made this!

10. I made this! #decemberreflections2016

… and the baby.

It’s a bed reducer and a support to steady her when she sleeps on her side. They both have come in handy.

I still have a few unfinished projects, like the baby book and the mesh crib liner, but now I’m having trouble finding the time to do them…


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