#December Reflections 2016 – Soundtrack of 2016

13. Soundtrack of 2016 #decemberreflections2016

Soundtrack of 2016… I’m a music lover, as I’ve said before. So there’s always some music to accompany me.

But I don’t do specifics. Not anymore. Too crappie memories. So this is a generic picture. A symbol of different styles in a very well-known music portal.

I’ve always loved to take the time to appreciate different kinds of music. Different event opposite styles. If it resonates with me, I look for the lyrics, I investigate the inspiration behind it, I listen until it gets imprinted on me. So I get very personal with music.

I used to sing when I was younger. It was my childhood dream. But, as for many things in life, I wasn’t good enough for it so I just stopped.

I crave for music on occasion. And I detest music on occasion too. And then there’s some music that I simply erased from my planet.

I love singing to my daughter. It soothes her… and I dare to say that she loves to hear me sing.

So the soundtrack for 2016 is… mine to know.


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