Reading Romances Challenge: February Completed

29th of February. Already?!?  This month went by in a breeze, and here I am again, doing the monthly status of the Reading Romances Challenge 2012.

February was a challenge at several levels and here I am contemplating this month guidelines and evaluating my reading performance. The February’s book prompts were:

A) Valentine’s day: Read a book that has a predominantly color “red” cover, that has a kissing/embracing couple on its cover, or whose title has either the following words: kiss, heart or love. ## Na Sombra do Amor by J.R. Ward. See my review here…

B) Read a book by an author you have given up. ## Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. I liked the Highlander series but after a while all the stories seemed pretty much the same. So I just abandoned this author’s books. I returned to the Fever series and am currently reading the 4th book Dreamfever. I confess I’m not dazzled by this story but it’s been a nice reading. I’m curious enough about what will happen next that I will stick around for more. The problem with series in general, we keep hoping to see the twist that will put all of the story pieces together.

C) Read a novella, or an anthology.

D) Read one of the oldest books added to your TBR shelf. ## Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead. I wasn’t able to buy this book yet. But it will remain in my to-read shelf and in my acquisition quest. Ohhh! I really was looking forward to this one.

E) Read a Historical Fiction (not limited to Historical Romance) – read a book that takes place in some notable period of history.

So, I completed two out of five. Not great, I know.

Soon I’ll be posting the March newest prompt list. Please join us in


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