Review: ‘Public Secrets’ by Nora Roberts

This is my Romantic Suspense book choice for October’s RR Challenge (Themes #3).

Public Secrets’ gives us a tour through two decades of Emma McAvoy’s life. First as a young child that suffers at the hands of her birth mother and as the unexpected and unwanted daughter of an arising rock star. Then as the foreign element in a pop music’s band road to success. And later as a young woman and her choices and fears that led her to marriage and a new king of hell.

As the only witness of a failed attempt kidnapping, Emma keeps struggling with putting the pieces together. The unavoidable murder kept her haunted by the confusing memories and on the target list for her brother’s killers. A life tainted by violence and mental blocks, while struggling to find a mature sense of being and self-respect.

My second Nora Robert’s book, once again I kept getting that feeling that she does know what she’s doing. Strong characters, full of frailties and messed up personalities, reflecting the music business in all its facets. A world that keeps showing us how dazzling and ugly it can be, particularly when we see its evolution from the sixty’s to the ninety’s frame of mind.

In ‘Public Secrets’ we get to see a lot of what surrounds a pop-rock band and what it implies to all the people around them. We get to appreciate all their personal but not so private sufferings while time enfolds until the worst moment of their lives is finally explained.

It’s a very good story that can be accused of sustaining an enormous span of time but I assure you that it was put to good use here. Nora Roberts, once again shows the knack for capture each personality in its truest frame of mind, show us an loving father and a substance abuser, a scared child and a confident young woman, a substance addict personality and all its evolutions. A thrilling story, full of life’s little and major quirks, that kept me hooked from the first to the last page.


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