#December Reflections 2016 – Traditions

24. Traditions #decemberreflections2016

My crooked cake.

I love to bake on Christmas. Usually I get to do a lot of desserts for family dinner, and especially a traditional fried kind of cake, passed on from my grandma. Last year I was heavily pregnant, and almost forbidden to move, and still I made the cake… This year I didn’t made it. There were no space for tradition with a sick baby. read more

#December Reflections 2016 – Fave Photo of 2016

03. Fave Photo of 2016 #decemberreflections2016

We were up to no good…

Here’s to silly endeavours and happy moments. Here’s to us, here’s to love…

From all of my favorite’s photos from 2016 this one is special. She was a bit cranky. I was a bit flustered. We were both doing what we could to be patient with each other. But we managed this pretty special shot. My baby. My curious one. My love.

It was very difficult to chose just one photo. They’re all special and important. Even the unfocused and ugly represents some special part of me. read more

#December Reflections 2016 – Light

02. Light #decemberreflections2016

There’s always a light. Sometimes we just refuse to see it.

This is my Christmas tree top. No guiding star. An ice flake, a butterfly and a burning crystal heart. read more

#December Reflections 2016 – On the table

01. On the table #decemberreflections2016

There’s a lot on my plate right now. And there’s a lot on my table also. Books, writings, plans, schedules, medical exams, beautiful bookmarks, my journal, bills, pens and coloring pens, drawings, baby bottles, saline solution and tissues. Yup! We have a cold for weeks now.

And then there’s my computer buried behind all kinds of stuff. Including multiple power cords, phones, electronic apparatus, and extra keyboards (my seven months daughter already wants her own). read more

December Reflections 2016

december reflections

I love a good inspiring challenge. This time I’ll be sharing it here, on the blog, with you.

I guess it doesn’t fit the blog theme. Frankly, I can’t seem to care less. I keep struggling to maintain this project and I guess in this final month a more contemplative state is in order… And even if it doesn’t fit the writers theme it surely serves its inspirational profile. read more