Crescimento Criativo com a Hay House World Summit

Crescimento Criativo Hay House World Summit

No âmbito deste meu ano de Crescimento Criativo, sobre o qual podem ler tudo aqui, tenho-me deparado com uma série de eventos/podcasts/livros/cursos que muito me têm servido.

Em cada mês de 2018, tenho estabelecido algumas metas, optado por encher o meu poço criativo, criado pelo simples prazer de criar… e, lutado por algo, com significado, em cada passo deste caminho.

Neste processo, descobri coisas fantásticas. Uma delas, o Hay House World Summit, associada a uma editora assim como que alternativa.

O que é o Hay House World Summit?

Apresentam-se como o maior evento mundial sobre Saúde e Bem-Estar (The World’s Largest Health and Wellness Event). 

De inscrição gratuita, e subscrição de uns e-mails promocionais, durante umas semanas, temos acesso a um leque de palestras sobre os mais variados temas relacionados com Saúde, Meditação, Relações, Estilos de Vida, Religião, Medicina… e, por aí fora.

São 100 entrevistas, recebidas por e-mail, sobre uma diversidade de temas proporcionadas por um grupo conhecido (e alargado) de comunicadores especialistas em cada tema.

Não tive qualquer ilusão, ou intenção, que seria capaz (ou sequer possível) ouvir as 100 entrevistas. Mas, senti vontade de ouvir (várias vezes) aquelas lições que captaram a minha atenção.

Neste momento, já não é possível aceder a qualquer uma destas entrevistas no âmbito do Hay House World Summit de 2018. Mas, é possível encontrar excertos, e outras Lições, nos nossos sites preferidos de escuta de podcasts.

Deixo-vos aqui uma breve descrição, tal como apresentada no site oficial, as minhas Lições favoritas:

Lesson: How to Transform Lives While Leading Profitable Workshops, Events, and Retreats – Sage Lavine (Women Rocking Business)

Spend the next hour with Sage Lavine, and you’ll walk away empowered and ready to become an inspiring leader. Sage is the author of Women Rocking Business, and throughout this interview she discusses the importance of hosting live events, whether you want to start your own career as an entrepreneur, bring awareness to a cause close to your heart, or lead the way for others to find their voices. Sage guides you through her three-step process for creating stellar events. Step One? Get clear on the problem you can solve for your audience—know what you can give and make that your focus. Sage also offers many tips and tricks to leading workshops, including a powerful yet simple exercise she uses to warm up a room. Listen in for more and learn how you can lead engaging events and workshops that transform lives!

Lesson: Give Birth to New Ideas by Making Room, Not Just Space – Latham Thomas

As a doula, Latham Thomas has dedicated her life to helping others give birth, and in this enriching interview, the wellness-lifestyle maven and Own Your Glow author gives you the tools to give birth to your own ideas and passions! She explains how putting yourself first is far from selfish, how your body is constantly communicating with you to draw your personal boundaries, and how taking time to “play” can actually bring out your best work. She also details the power of what she calls “wombifesting,” explaining how its cultivation of an internal sacred space differs from manifesting’s active push out into the universe, while also leading listeners through a meditation and vocal toning exercise to create a feedback loop with the living intelligence of your womb, whether you have a physical, biological womb, or draw from the “cosmic cervix” available to us all. Through patterns of rhythm, ritual, and repetition, you can train your brain to maximize your energy and well-being.

Lesson: Revolution through Small Group Connections – Lynne McTaggart

Described as “the Malcolm Gladwell of the new science,” Lynne McTaggart has had a varied and fascinating career. In this illuminating interview with Janey Lee Grace, she shares her journey to becoming one of the world’s most trusted authorities on alternatives to the Western medical model, the power of intention, and the importance of connection. Starting with the story behind What Doctors Don’t Tell You, her website and journal that reveals unpublicized medical information and research on alternative health approaches, Lynne discusses the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, and the recent attempt to discredit her publication and prevent its circulation, which ultimately ended in victory. She then explores how science has shown that intention really works, and the startling evidence that proves that nature designed us to connect, not to compete—confirming that we are far more powerful than we have been led to believe, and that when we come together for a common goal, we can transform the world we live in.

Lesson: The Science of Keeping Love Alive – Bruce Lipton

In this engaging interview, pioneering cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., discusses how we can change our health and, on a bigger scale, our lives by harnessing the power of our subconscious minds. Explaining that we are not simply victims of our genetics, Bruce relates both his professional experiences and the additional science that supports the concept of epigenetics, which states that our genetic code is simply a blueprint that can be read in many different ways—producing either dis-ease or health. How the blueprint is read is based on our internal environment, which, in turn, is based on the beliefs we hold in both our conscious and subconscious minds. However, since we live 95 percent of our lives led by the beliefs of the subconscious mind, the key to changing our lives is reprogramming the subconscious. With humor and hope, Bruce shows you that you are in control of your life.

Lesson: 3 Ways We Stop Ourselves before We Start – Michael Neill

Michael Neill has dedicated his career to helping others reach their highest potential and achieve success. As an internationally renowned transformative coach and best-selling author, Michael offers extraordinary insight about creating your dream life—and he shares that wisdom with you here! If you have ever found yourself paralyzed by performance anxiety for a job interview, a first date, or other important life moment, this is the talk for you. In this inspiring lesson, Michael discusses that it’s possible to achieve some of your best work by rejecting pressure entirely, and why taking the pressure off yourself can actually enhance your performance. You’ll also learn how to reach your dream goals by avoiding the three ways that we often stop ourselves from achieving success before we even start.

Lesson: The Power of Presence – Eckhart Tolle

Join Eckhart Tolle, world-renowned speaker and best-selling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, as he discusses the importance of being present and how that presence is vital to our efforts to achieve true and lasting inner peace and happiness. Eckhart explains that although thinking can be a very powerful tool, when we think too much we keep ourselves from being fully present, and as a result our awareness decreases. Fortunately, using the brief “mini-meditation” techniques discussed here (some of which require only 15 to 30 seconds each), it’s possible for us all to find the time to bring more moments of presence—and, hence, fullness—to our lives.

Já conhecia alguns dos oradores (Eckhart Tolle, lista na dos meus favoritos aqui…). Outros, foram uma experiência nova e recompensante, reencaminhando a minha atenção para outras formas de abordar o maior tema de todos: a Saúde.

E, há sempre a oportunidade de regressar à Hay House World Summit em 2019. A exposição a outras pessoas, contextos, ideias e conhecimentos, servem na perfeição o meu propósito em 2018: Crescimento Criativo.


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