The power of goals and the danger of futile achievements

This is old news, but I simply love the Gapingvoid prompts/illustrations.

And this one made me think about past, present and future. Been there. Really, really happy with myself, thinking that my work would do the talking. Guess what?! Didn’t happened. Better yet, it worked so well that they realized they didn’t needed competition.

And then it was the down time. And I do know what it feels like to be pushed aside and steped down. Been there. Done that. My espectations shredded to pieces, along with my sanity.

Futile achievements shouldn’t be the fuel for happiness. Well thought and achievable goals should.

And it’s all about organization and hard work. And don’t quit. Maybe it doesn’t turn out as I thought (it never does) but in the end what matters is being happy. And pursuing something that matters to me is part of being happy.

Be myself, appreciate the kindness of family and friends (thanks for your precious patience), live and fight long and hard for what I want.

There’s no magic formula for sucess, but sure as hell ain’t going to sit around and wait for luck. By willpower, not by chance. One goal at a time.

Read the hole prompt in Gapingvoid


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