Dia da Criança: A Parábola da Consciência – Uma história dos Índios Sioux


O Criador reuniu toda a Criação e disse, “Eu quero esconder uma coisa dos Homens até eles estarem preparados para ela: A compreensão de que eles criam a sua própria realidade.”

A águia disse, “Dá-me, e eu levo-a para a lua.” read more

Literary Challenges: First Reading Challenge for 2012 is chosen

It’s official. First Reading Challenge for 2012 is chosen, and it’s called Reading Romances Challenge 2012. I’ll be posting my book reviews in this blog and in my Goodreads account.

The rules are simple: to read and review books from genres I wouldn’t normally choose. There will be a monthly book list suggesting new sub-genres and themes, that will be available here, and we’ll be free to decide which book we want to tackle. Then it’s Review time… and reflection. read more

The power of goals and the danger of futile achievements

This is old news, but I simply love the Gapingvoid prompts/illustrations.

And this one made me think about past, present and future. Been there. Really, really happy with myself, thinking that my work would do the talking. Guess what?! Didn’t happened. Better yet, it worked so well that they realized they didn’t needed competition. read more